Thursday, March 25, 2010

Softball Extravaganza

Last weekend, when husband and I went back home to visit family, the girlies (a.k.a. my sweet, adorable, perfect nieces) were both playing in a softball tournament. Ashley plays 8 & under (pitching machine) and Gracie plays 6 & under (coach pitch). However, Gracie always goes to Ashley's teams practice and is almost just as good as any player out there. The girl is a baller! Now, her big sister seriously knows how to work it out at first base and is one strong hitter, too! It is seriously a blast to watch them get better and better every year! Ashley's team was missing a player or two, so Gracie kindly filled in for a couple of games since her team had PLENTY. She even hit a home run on the older girls team! Unfortunately, Husband was not able to go, and the girls missed him terribly, but I took plenty of pictures to make him feel like he was there instead of fishing!
What a Goose!
And a Ham!
Seriously, I just adore them! They are so much fun!
Awwww, sisterly love! Ha! Sometimes:)
Scoping out the other teams.
Ash really enjoyed swinging on tree branches between her games!
And Gracie really enjoyed catching her breath after homeruns!
Jimmy, my BIL, feeding the pitching maching for Ash's team. One word: Skills.
Love her messy curls!
Lounging out after her last game. Cute glasses, huh?
My BIL bringing in the team huddle.
Gooooo Hot Shots!
The moment Grace found out she was getting a medal! Ha!
Trying to control her self and wait patiently!
Ash and Grandpa. Love them.
Lil' Slugger!
Sis pitching for Gracie's team! And yes, she's still got it!
Gracie getting her participation medal...FINALLY!!! We thought she was never going to make it!
Sis and Gracie with some of her teammates.
Rockin' the new hardwear! Ha!
Like mother, like daughter. Too sweet!
Can you tell how much I loooooooove my new camera??? It is my new best friend! Sorry to bombard you with the picture post of ALL picture posts! Hope you still enjoyed it, that is...if you made it this far down! Ha! Happy weekend!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have come to the conclusion that all of The Cat's "meows" come out as questions.

"Meow?" (Why haven't you given me some ice water, yet?)
"Meow?" (Why won't you let me outside so I can chase those birds?)
"Meow?" (Could you please hurry up and sit down so I can crawl in your lap?)
"Meow?" (Why did stop petting me?)
"Meow?" (Are you listening to me?)

Husband and I just think he is a hoot! Most days when one of us comes in from work, he will follow us all around the house, meowing, until we sit down and he gets to sit in our lap! He is such a little booger! Here's some of our favorite shots The Cat has actually allowed us to get. He usually tries to move or look away just as you are taking the picture!
This is how he and I generally start out our evenings. But it doesn't last long. Just when he thinks I've forgotten he is there, he lunges forward onto the computer and starts stomping around! Ha!
The he gets in my face and makes him self comfy!
So, I take a break from blogging or whatever it is I'm doing at the moment, so he can get the attention he thinks he doesn't get enough of!Then he gets really comfortable and decides to flop out all over me. And then I try, TRY, to continue working on whatever he interrupted. And he falls asleep! This same thing happens just about every night! Its hilarious! Then there are nights when the boys get in the floor to play with a string or something, wear themselves out, and decide to sprawl out and rest for a while.
This was hime earlier this week napping on the top of the couch. His favorite place to lay is wherever the sun shines in.
During March Madness, Husband has been a little distracted and this is Casper's attempt at getting his attention. Either he got it or gave up and just layed down! Ha!

And here's a trip down memory lane with The Cat!
With my sweet neice 3 years ago. She was 5! Wow, that is hard to believe since now she's 8! I miss those pajamas!
Happy Weekend!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Spring, I miss You.

We just made it back home from a trip to our hometown to visit both our families. We love these weekends so, so much. Its always so nice to see everyone that we don't get to see all too often! When we left on Friday, we knew they were forecasting for 4-8 inches of snow on Saturday and Sunday. Little did we know that it would actually happen! Afterall, it is OFFICIALLY Spring! This is definetly not normal.

This is what we saw when we got home!
Lots of craziness going on around here. So much for global warming, huh??? That was always a crock anyway! And please don't bring global warming up around Husband, unless you plan to have a rather lengthy conversation about how ridiculous the idea is and why its untrue!

Husband measured the snow in our yard and 8 inches. WOW! He said in some places it was at least 10 inches! Some people measure 13 inches! More than likely our snow had already started melting by the time we made it back up here, but its still insane!
P.S. Please come back soon, Spring!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shopping in Nashville

Yesterday, I told you about our ticket selling success with the oh so lovely, scalpers. For the record, I despise Scalpers. The ones who actually call themselves scalpers and who make their living off of it. Most of them aren't the kindest people around, but forgive me if you are one of them and have a heart of gold :)

These are some of the great finds I found and loved! There are some really great styles, colors, and patterns out there in all of the Spring Collections. I can't wait for the weather to respond to my needs for warmer weather and sunshine! Maybe we won't have to wait much longer.

First off, we found this super cute stone slab from Blacklion. We put it on an easle and its so great! We just love it.

I think this dress with the blue and white bottom is super cute and fun!


I got this dress in black and a royal blue. I loved the ruffled v-neck and its versatile enough to be classy or casual.


This strapless dress also came in a mainly burnt orange color, which at the moment I am loving!


I got this American Apparel Deep-V T-Shirt in 3 colors! Ha! Light aqua, baby blue, and mint. My SIL and one of Husband's friends always rave on and on about how these are the best t-shirts on the planet. We obviously don't have one around here, so when I ran into one of the stores in Nashville I just had to give it a try! I'm one of those people who prefers to try something on before I buy it. Especially plain t-shirts like these. You never know if they are cut long and skinny, or wide, etc. I'm glad I waited! I would have totally ordered a size too big in this shirt. But just so you know, they truly ARE the best t-shirts. And just so you know, this style shirt comes in 23 colors! I could have easily bought one of every color in there!

A lot of the dresses and several of the tops that I got weren't on the stores websites or I'd show you them to! Happy Spring!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nashville "The Tournament"

This will be my last post on Nashville :( We had such a great time and I cannot wait to go back. that I think about it, I may share with you some of the things we bought while we were there. We found some great deals and some great finds!

Back to today...We had a great time at the tournament. While we were there that is! More on that in a minute! Enjoy a few pictures first.
Me and Carie at Fan Fare. Notice anything different about me??? I got my hair chopped off a few weeks ago!
The boys waiting to play their coveted game.
Nice form!
A sweet couple who walked into the arena before us. I just couldn't help myself. The matching jackets were too perfect!
Aaron's beloved PEZ dispenser he won at Fan Fare. If you haven't noticed, Chic-fil-a is a huge sponsor of the tournament!
Hilarious message from my SIL to Husband. She took care of The Cat while we were away...and ate our food! Ha! Thanks for taking care of him Ash!
The Hog's about to enter onto the court to warm up.
The Chic-Fil-A blimp that floated around the arena dropping parachutes with cows on them. Hilarious!

The tournament was a blast, however, we sold our tickets the first night of it after the Razorbacks lost. Boo. Although, we did make a pretty penny! Scalpers and Kentucky fans swarmed our Razorback "section" as soon as the game was over asking if anyone had any tickets to sale. As soon as Husband and his friend made it known they were entertaining the idea, it became absolute maddness! The scalpers started trying to out bid one another (scalping is legal in Nashville by the way!) and the Kentucky fans were desperately trying to get our attention! I'm pretty sure we ended up selling to a scalper...but hey, our trip was completely payed for and we even made some extra! Ha! It was one of the wildest, most intense things I've ever been apart of! Who ever sales tickets for triple their worth, before ever leaving the arena? Sold at their seat as a matter of fact!
P.S. Is everyone enjoying March Madness as much as we are?!?! It truly is madness!