Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Valentine's Day...Married!

Husband and I have had a perfect Valentines Weekend. Its so much fun to spend the most lovey dovey day of the year with your best friend!

Friday, Husband sent me flowers to work. Unfortunately, due to a slow surgery day, I was given the day off. When Husband found out Thursday night that I wouldn't be going in on Friday, he was a little devastated. I could tell he was stressed out and was finally able to convince him to tell me. He told me I had a delivery coming, but not what it was.

Luckily, I already had planned to make a quick stop by work, so it worked out. I looooved the pink and red roses together. They are even prettier today, now that they opened up more!

That night we went out for dinner and bowling with my bff from work and her hubby. We had soooo much fun that I completely forgot to take a SINGLE picture!

Saturday, we slept in a little, hung out around the house, and then watched the Razorbacks play ball. Alabama, unfortunately, beat us. Boo.

Afterwards, we began our date night! We went to dinner at Bonefish which is one of our faves. We, of course, stuffed our selves miserably with crabcakes, yummy bread, salad/chowder, meat, and creme brulee. Yummmmmmmmmmm! My favorite dessert ever, matched perfectly with a cappuccino!

After dinner, we came back by the house to exchange some gifts to each other :) My husband is so sweet and so funny! I just loved everything!
Next, we went to see Valentine's Day. I was so excited to finally see it and it did not disappoint! We laughed our heads off!Source
Today has been very relaxing. Its been pretty normal for us, except this afternoon, instead of running around, we relaxed and watched a lot of the olympics. Days of relaxation are few and far between for us, so we soaked it up! We have watched the Valentines episode of Charlie brown and are about to watch the first episode of this season's Amazing Race, our favorite show!

Happy Valentine's Day, all!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Lesson #3: Do, Do Sweet Things

Definetly, always, do sweet things for your lovey.

Even when they tell you not to. No, especially when they tell you not to. Its sometimes a hard lesson to learn, but sometimes its actually smarter to not listen to your lovey.

For example, flowers. They are, most definetly, a waste of money. At least, in regards to the amount of time they last.

However, the short amount of time they are around is fantastic. The way they will make your lovey feel can be a huge score.

Sure, sure. Your lovey may tell you not to buy flowers. That they are too expensive. That they don't live long enough to get their money's worth. Blah, blah, blah.

I, too, believe all of these comments and have said them many, many times.

...But, I still love these...

I love them, oh, so much. And much more, I adore the man who sent them.

And I love the fact that he refused to listen to me. That he did exactly what he wanted to, because he wanted to make me feel special.

And no, you don't have to spend money to make your lovey feel special. We all know that.

But today, just for today, he went out of his way simply because he wanted to. He made me feel like a million bucks.

And yes, I'll admit it. Its embarassingly enjoyable to experience a sweet gesture from your lovey when others are watching. You feel uber special. And don't snicker because all of you out there know its true!

So, DO do sweet things for your lovey. Even if they tell you not to.

{Husband: Thank you for being too sweet. I'm, oh, so excited to celebrate our first heart day together, with many more to come. XOXO}