Saturday, January 30, 2010

2nd Round of Snow Fun!

Husband and I have reeeeally tried to enjoy the snow as much as possible. Its not very often that we see snow like this!
So, what have we done today?

We started off the morning letting The Cat explore outside...he finally came to terms with the snow and decided to have a look around! We couldn't believe he actually stepped into some of the deep snow!
Afterward, we headed to our neighborhoods big hill for some sledding action. By the end of our morning, we were sledding with about 10 little 8 year olds! It was such a fun time. They were all so sweet :)
Then we came in for some lunch and watched a movie. The Cat seemed exhausted!
After the movie we went outside to build a snowman :)
He's, of course, a huge Razorback fan!
Just like us, of course! (I'm sure y'all already know how much I had to beg Husband to actually take this picture! ha!)
Now we are sitting down about to watch some of the Miss America Pageant. Normally, I don't watch all of the pageants, but tonight I was supposed to go to a Miss America Watch Party. Unfortunately, due to the weather, most people (including myself) aren't able to get there.
Sad day that we can't all make the watch party, but I'll still cheer for Miss Arkansas!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Late Night Sledding!

Husband and I have had a fabulous time enjoying each other. We slept in a little late (8:30), sat around watching the snow pour from the sky, played some two player Super Mario Bros. on the Wii, went for a walk, took an adventurous drive to the store, went sledding in the dark, and made baked potato soup. As we speak, I am watching Husband play his one player saved game of Super Mario Bros. and we are about to watch a movie.

I mean seriously, could a day get much better? Our only wish is that our family could be up here to enjoy the snow with us!

So far, the accumulation has been 3/4 inch of ice and 6-8 inches of snow. I can't tell you the last time I remember it ever snowing that much! I certainly can't remember the last time it snowed enough to sled :)

Pictures from our adventure to the store!
Our late night sledding extravaganza! (The grainy-ness in some of these pictures is due to the snow falling.)
This street lamp in our neighborhood made us immediately think of Narnia!
And in case you were wondering...The Cat is officially bored with the snow :)

Snow Day So Far...In Pictures!

We loooove snow days! Take a look :)
The Cat doesn't quite know what to think about the white stuff falling from the sky!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#2 Your Lovey's Cooking is ALWAYS Good

Yes, your lovey's cooking is always good, even when it isn't.

Everyone, yes everyone loves for their lovey to cook them dinner. Even if your lovey is not the best cook, the thought behind it is what means the most.

Now, after preparing a meal especially for you, your lovey may ask you what you think. This may be in regards to what the meal is, what it looks like, or how it tastes. You can only hope that your lovey asks you a more specific question because they are a lot easier to answer. Either way, your response to any of these questions is crucial, so get your game face on.

Some see such questions as traps. The possibility of your lovey trying to trap you is slim to none, right? After all, you and your lovey are madly in love and would never trap one another. At least not on purpose...

But, on the off chance that you do feel trapped by a question, please refrain yourself from stating that the two of you just "cook things different" or that the meal is "different". Just don't, people. I promise it won't be pretty if you do.

Even if this is true, the word different should never leave your lips when describing a meal prepared by your lovey. If this word does slip out of your mouth, you will get the unwelcomed pleasure of watching your lovey's heart shatter and fall to pieces on the floor. I can't speak for each of you, but to the majority of the world's population, this does not sound like such a fun idea!

So, what should you say, then?

I'm always one for honesty, but brutal honesty is another issue. Sure, you can try to tell them that it needs more salt or could cook a little longer. But why would you? Your lovey, believe it or not, usually already knows if it needs more salt or could stand a few more minutes in the oven. (If they don't, I hate to break it to you, but you need more help than I can give you!)

Plus, they just spent their time and energy trying to impress you. Critiquing their cooking is not a way to show your appreciation, let me assure you.

So, what could you say that will improve your chance of survival in such a situation? The key is using as few words as possible.

In regards to what the meal is say this: "I love this meal!" or "I've been wanting to try this meal!"

In regards to what the meal looks like say this: "That looks delicious!" or "That looks great!"

In regards to what the meal tastes like say this: "Mmmmmmm!" Yes, "Mmmmmmmm!" Every time say, "Mmmmmmmm!" Say it with me people, "Mmmmmmm!"

Every once in a while you may get lucky and your lovey may ask you a more direct question such as, "Do you think it should cook a little longer?" or "Does it need more salt?"

At this point, 98% of the time you are safe to answer the question, but ONLY if it is a specific question. Only answer the question asked and, as before, use as few words as possible. This should help keep you out of trouble.

Now, run to the kitchen and start cooking dinner for YOUR lovey, before you get put into a situation just like this one! Or maybe your lovey, truly is a terrible cook! If this is true, run faster! Run, people, run!

Found the picture at this random website:

Monday, January 25, 2010

#1 Never Say: "I was going to do that..."

Let me preface this first Lessons Learned post with this: NEVER will I mention who, nor should you assume you know who, was the one of us that learned the lesson the hard way. Husband and I, each, in equal amounts, have learned lessons the hard way and are still trying to learn. After all, we are newlyweds, still rookies at this whole marriage thing. You may have your guesses, but please point no fingers. We love each other entirely, even when we learn slow. We, often times, chuckle when one of these situations comes back up because we remember when we first went through it and just how ridiculously funny it was. Both of us are completely open to sharing these little lessons for our own amusement, for your amusement, and maybe, just maybe, to help make your life a little easier! No judgement, only love here people. Move along, please :)

Back to the post!
Please never....ever....say, "I was going to do that...."

The time at which your lovey is completing a task that you could or maybe should have done is not the time to inform them that you had "planned" on doing it.

What you are saying to them is this: "Honey, I have been procrastinating for quite some time and now that you have just about wrapped up that job, I'll be glad to take over." (Insert smile here.)

Okay, okay, okay. This is generally not what your lovey will think, but depending on your lovey's mood it may be what flashes across their mind!

Maybe you just forgot. We all, often times, forget to do things around the house. Sometimes we may not even think it is something that needs to be done at all. Hello! We are human, afterall.

But in a situation such as this one, simply say this, "Honey, I'm sorry I didn't get to that."

Or this, "Honey, thank you for doing that. I really appreciate you. Would you like some help?"

Even a simple, "Oops," will do! Anything but, "I was going to do that..." At least, then, your lovey will have pitty on you and know that you are just having one of your slow days!

Now, surely there is something around the house you have put off doing. Maybe even something you can surprise your lovey by doing. Go do it, now, before its too late and you find yourself facing this exact situation! If you can, try to find something they think you would never think of doing. I bet you'll score big points!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

6 Months...and Counting!

Today we are celebrating a very special us anyway!

Today, we have been married for 6 months! ha! Crazy, right?
Several of you out there that have been married for years and years may be chuckling right now, but that's okay! Just remember how exciting it was when YOU celebrated your 6 months :)

So, what did we do to celebrate? Well....the ol' allergies were kicking my rear today, so it wasn't the day we had expected. We still managed to squeeze in some fun, though!

We made plans to go see Avatar, FINALLY! Oh my goodness have you seen it? If not go see it immediately! I can't believe we waited so long to see it. We have truly been missing out! I could watch it again, RIGHT NOW. No joke.

Afterward, we had PLANNED to go out to eat....... but.......we are suckers for theater popcorn...... so now we are full :) Still hoping that we will get hungry soon, though, so we can have a little dinner celebration.
Here we are today:
Happy 6 months to my goofy Best Friend :) And don't worry...he gave me full permission to use this picture.....of course :)
***Coming up, I'm going to start sharing some day to day lessons we have learned so far. You know, now that we have 6 months of marital experience under our belts and all :) We feel oh, so wise. ha!
But really, these will be lessons all newlyweds eventually face. They are, also, lessons that couples who have been married for years STILL face, and still may not quite have perfected.
Whether its remembering to do a task or how to say something so that the other actually HEARS it. Not to mention the other millions of lessons under the sun we have yet to face!
It may make you remember when you and your lovey encountered the same situation and you may have some priceless experience or advice to offer.
You may have learned faster than us even, but then again, we are still rookies at this whole marriage thing :) We are still trying to actually LEARN these lessons and cross our fingers that sometimes we get them right!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Last night was the Second Annual Benny Awards! It proved to be just as swanky, if not more so, than last year. Dale and Meredith, with the help of their wedding planning buddies decorated a beautiful room! It was so great to see Dale and Meredith again :)
Here's us before we left:
Now for the results:
The winner of the Best Getaway is..........
US!!! (Look at the picture closely because YOU may be in the picture, too, holding a sparkler!)

Soooooo exciting!!! Dale informed us that approximately 17,000 votes came in, which is phenomenal! Crazy, right?

So what was our prize you ask? An 11 x 14 print of our choice! Fabulous! Now which picture to use it for..........hmmmm, I'll let you know!
Check the Benfield Blog this week for lots of pictures and video footage from the Benny's!

Friday, January 22, 2010

2009 at a BIG Glance!

2009 was such an AMAZING year for us. Looking back, it seems like such a whirl-wind! I visited our old blog (pre-marital days! ha!) and couldn't believe how much we accomplished, experienced, and were blessed with. So many things I think I may have forgotten if it weren't for blogging. It means so much to me to have an account of one of the BIGGEST times in our life.

Here's a look at what 2009 had to offer us (***Let me warn you! Its quite lengthy!)
~~~JANUARY 2009~~~
The wedding planning was in full force as we introduced the blogging world to our wedding party.
We registered for our wedding and later, attended the First Annual Benny Awards. We can't wait for the Second Annual Benny's tonight! (Althought for some reason the date in this picture is incorrect. It was in 2009!)Dale and Meredith (soon-to-be) Benfield shot our Engagement Portraits. It was a blast and really, really cold!
~~~FEBRUARY 2009~~~

Wedding planning continued as we introduced the blogging world to our damask and apple green theme.
On Valentine's Day, Dale and Meredith posted on their blog a make my heart melt video they created from our Engagement session.

Husband wrote a little note to our photographers saying "thank you" that is beyond sweet.

Our Engagement website created by Dale Benfield was available.

~~~MARCH 2009~~~

Husband and I stood in lots, and lots of long lines to have 7 basketballs (gifts for the groomsmen) signed by THE 1994 National Basketball Champions! Woo Pig Sooie!
We celebrated my 24th Birthday!We attended our first session of Pre-Marital Counseling with my Pastor and read this:
Sarah Hobart continued to create our Wedding Stationary Set that I still adore :) The picture is from her website
~~~APRIL 2009~~~
We decided on a dessert buffet and candy buffet for our reception! Yum!
We were blessed with our first wedding shower by Sharon Missionary Baptist Church. The kindness was UNREAL.

~~~MAY 2009~~~

We began the intimidating task of writing Thank You cards, but in the end, succeeded! At least we think we succeeded! (If we missed someone, our apologies to you are endless and we are still so very thankful!)
We tackled the task of addressing invitations at the Addressing Luncheon! We were blessed with a second shower hosted by MIL's co-workers, The Teacher Shower! So much fun :)
~~~JUNE 2009~~~

We were honored with a Honey-Do Shower and it was the most "Southern Living'ish" shower I have ever seen!
I met back up with the Benfield Photogs to shoot my bridal portraits, along with my mom and Amberlee (the fab gal who did my hair while I was in central AR)!
FBC honored us with another shower. It was such a fun time and everyone was SO sweet!
~~~JULY 2009~~~

This of course was the biggest month for us, because...WE GOT MARRIED!

We got our marriage license!
My old work threw us a super fun shower! Such a blast! (I miss you guys!)
We house hunted and finally found Our First House!
We spent Fourth of July weekend at Eagle Lake in Mississippi with family :)
My sweet extended family threw us a Luau themed Bridal Shower! Loved the grass skirt :)
Husband and I went on our Bachelor/Bachelorette weekends!
Followed by our Rehearsal/Rehearsal dinner.
Followed by our Bridesmaids/Groomsmen Luncheons.
Followed by lots, and lots of getting ready!
Then OUR WEDDING!!! Eeeeek!
Then the after party at our reception!
Then off to get some rest before our Honeymoon to Mexico....
At The Capitol Hotel
Honeymooning at the Sun Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico! The most relaxing weekend of my life!

~~~AUGUST 2009~~~

Back to the real world :( We were welcomed home from our honeymoon with colds and a ginormous hail storm that totaled $8,000 worth of damage to my car...
I started my new job :)

Ashley's 8th Birthday!
Casper moved to NW Arkansas!
I worked on learning to be a wife, therefore blogging took a back seat for a little while :)
We visited Oxford, Mississippi for the Arkansas vs. Ole Miss game and got to spend some time with Pete and Amy.
We decorated our home for our first Fall.

~~~NOVEMBER 2009~~~

Birth of the new blog: The Hilborn Haven!

More and more football!
We decorated our home for our first Christmas!

~~~DECEMBER 2009~~~
We celebrated Husband's 26th Birthday! (Still sad that we took NO pictures)

We visited the square with some family, a little over a year after Husband's sweet proposal :)
We had our first snow, in our first house! ha!
We celebrated Our First Christmas together with all of our families!

The year offered to us far more than we ever expected and far more than we feel we deserve. Thank you to everyone who has been apart of our life over the past year and for helping make it so special. We love each of you so much! But mostly, we thank our faithful God who has been with us from the start, the one who knows the path that lays before us, and the one who prepares us each day for what is to come.
2010 has already started off amazing and we look forward to all that it will bring!

***Congratulations if you made it all the way to the end :)